Our wanderings in Morocco are definitely trips like nowhere else
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The guides

“Welcome to Morocco. Make yourself at home!” These will be the first words your guide will tell you when he welcomes you at the airport with a broad smile.

After many wonderful years of friendship and travels, Jacqueline and Balmekki are the initiators of the site.

Other guides and friends (Mohamed, Abdoulha, Kalid, Hamid, Abdelali…), also graduated from the same school in the magnificent valley of Ait Bougmez, have joined the team and will accompany our curiosity and desires of discovery on the Moroccan paths towards new meetings with its nature and people.

Respectful lovers of the delicate balance between humans and environment, they all focus on the good organization of the trips.

They are also aware that long term work will guarantee a fair income to all the people working with “Voyages pas comme les autres”.

  Land of light, wild beauty of landscapes made of sparkling and changing colors through the seasons and the hours of the day. White fades to blues, pinks … Ochre turns to reds, browns… A wild range of natural paintings, captivating and bright.

Land of contrast, going from sand to rock desert, from the green lush of an oasis to moon-like scenery, from the coast caressed by wind and sun to the snowy mountains, or from the medieval small village to the city where camels walk side by side with cars and busses.

The people:
People from Morocco are like its scenery and its land; they are of an infinite variety.
Generosity, sharing and hospitality are part of their philosophy, a lifestyle we find even in the most isolated places or the most modest houses.
Doors open, revealing hearts as wide as a cedar forest or the desert itself. Wherever we stride, tea will be served. Welcoming and gentle people, from the bottom of their hearts.
Go and discover this country and its people, go discover yourself again.

Hiking is a soft way to enter this land, giving you the chance to meet others and experience new places with respect and humility.

A few quotes:

“As we went to lands we didn’t know, we discovered in our hearts wild unexplored areas.”
“You’ve got a watch, we’ve got the time”, a Berber’s saying
“Who created the desert? Me, said the wind before starting his work again.”

“We think we’re going to make a trip, but it’s the trip that makes and unmakes you.”, Nicolas Bouvier


Jacqueline knows how to find friends and thorough people. All guides that accompany us are graduated from the guide school in Tabant

Through the years, our staff has been chosen for their rigorous and precise work. This is a behavior rule. Always warm-hearted, attentively listening to our questions and wishes, they will be the most agreeable companions, leading us on the roads, tracks and paths of their country. They will share their love of people, nature and cultures. They will teach us about nature and its secret paths, helping us become real “discoverers”. But they will also help us in difficult times. Make us laugh and maybe even make us dance and sing at night around the bivouac.

Through time, a relation based on trust was created between the active members of the various teams. Depending on the trip, the teams will consist of drivers, cooks, muleteers or cameleers, all native people from the visited regions.
When evening comes and the day’s tiredness starts to hit, they still have the will to unload the luggage, feed the animals, prepare the common tent, cook sand-bread, prepare the meals and serve us Berber tea or coffee.

For a nice experience and to create a friendly and convivial atmosphere, groups consist of 4 to 14 people maximum.

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